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E/C Cutter Caddis - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

E/C Cutter Caddis

This month’s fly is the E/C Cutter Caddis.  E/C stands for emergent/cripple and as you can see from the photo it is quite differently constructed than most hair wing caddis.  It was created by Ralph Cutter who put a lot of time into the design and even spent time in scuba gear looking at the fly from the fish’s viewpoint.  The parachute gives it a low profile on the water and the antron tail leaves the impression of a trailing shuck on an emerging insect.  The upright wing can also imitate a mayfly and improve visibility for the angler.  

I first used this pattern last year at this time on the Magalloway during a caddis hatch and knew I had a good new pattern as I caught some nice fish on it.  The other day I took a sport to the Mag and had a great couple hours during a Hendrickson hatch with this fly pattern.  It isn’t the easiest tie, but is really worth having in your fly box.  I tie it in olive and tan in sizes 14- 16, but 18 would also be good to have for those late season tan caddis.


Hook -  94840  # 14-18
Thread – olive
(Shuck) tail – olive antron
Body – olive dubbing
Thorax – brown dubbing
Wing – short & fine deer hair
Wing post – deer hair
Hackle – brown hackle, parachute style

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