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Green Rockworm - Fly of the Month

Posted on May 01 2013

green caddis nymph rockworm

This month, there are two flies, but I will talk more about an insect than a fly. The insect is a green caddis called a Rhyacophila, but we just refer to it as a Green Rock Worm. This is the most common  caddis on our waters in the early season. It hatches out into an adult that is a size 12 – 16 with a pale green body. The best fishing with them occurs in the nymph stage. These green worms are very abundant in the riffle and pocket water of our local rivers. These caddis don’t have shelters. They live in and crawl around in the rocks. This makes them very susceptible to being caught in the current and drifting along in it. The two nymphs that I use the most for them are the Green Rockworm and Electric Caddis. I am including the recipe for the Green Rockworm.  

See you on the river!


Hook – 9671 #16 – 20
Thread – olive 8/0 or smaller
Body – chartreuse V-rib, size to match hook
Underbody – any bright green dubbing (thin)
Head – black dubbing


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