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Free Shipping on orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
x-caddis low profile caddis fly pattern with trailing shuck

X-Caddis - Fly of the Month

Hook ­    -              94840 dry fly hook sizes 10-18
Thread ­                 color to match body, 8/0
Tail         -              Z-lon, antron, or tri-lobel yarn
Body      -              antron, antron mix dubbing
Wing      -              deer hair

The X-Caddis gives you a low profile caddis pattern. A pattern that rides low in the water as opposed to the deer hair caddis that rides on the palmered hackle tips. The tail gives the impression of a trailing shuck as the insect struggles to get free and fly away. The hair wing needs to be hair which flairs at no more than 45 degrees when the thread is tightened around it and it can’t flair too much like it can on a muddler. As I have said before, not all deer hair is the same. Some is good for muddlers on one extreme and for winging dries on the other.   The hair that is the best for the caddis is somewhere between the two extremes.

     At the shop I have deer hair from Whitetail Tying Supplies and can help you choose the right hair for the job.

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