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H&L Variant - Fly of the Month

Posted on March 01 2012

h&l varient at a maine fly shop

Hook – standard dry fly size 6 – 16
Thread – black 8/0
Wing - white calf tail
Tail – white calf tail
Body – rear half – stripped peacock herl
Front half – peacock herl
Hackle – brown or furnace

I was fishing with a sport one day when he decided he had had enough nymphing. He dug into his fly box and pulled out an H&L, telling me with enthusiasm how great this fly worked on his home water. For the next hour I watched him hook one fish after another and knew I had a new fly to try on my own.
The H&L Variant, also known as the House & Lot is a high floating, wulff style pattern. It is considered a fly you “don’t leave home without” in the western states. It is also referred to as “Ike’s Fly” since President Eisenhower called it his favorite fly to use on the fast flowing rivers of western states. It also works well as a top fly with a dropper as it is tied with heavy hackle and very visible white wings.


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