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Black Wulff

Posted on January 05 2017

black wulff at a maine fly shop

The Black Wulff is this month’s fly.  Yes, the body color of the original pattern is pink.  The fly was created by Dan Bailey of Montana.  At the time, Lee Wulff’s new style fly was coming onto the scene.  Dan Bailey became a promoter of Lee’s new high floating fly and gave it the name “Wulff”.  Dan contributed his own designs: the Black Wulff and the Grizzly Wulff.  These patterns have tight, floss bodies compared to the bulky bodies of Lee’s flies.
                hook      - dry fly 6 – 14
                thread  - black
                tail and wing – moose body hair
                body      - pink floss

                Hackle - grizzly and brown



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