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Free Shipping on orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
deer hair caddis at a maine fly shop

Deer Hair Caddis

       This month's fly is the Deer Hair Caddis. This is the Elk Hair caddis tied with whitetail hair.  The fly was created by Al Troth.  It is a simple, but effective pattern and the standard for imitating the ever-active Caddis adult.  It is best fished in the pocket water around the rocks and in the seams. Action can be very fast with many misses. It’s a fun and simple way to fish. It is best to just fish your leader with short and controlled casts.


     A tip on tying the fly:  Don’t over-do the hair wing.  The hair should not be too heavy.  You should be able to see the body through the wing as you look down on the fly.  Too much hair will quickly sink the fly.  Use “short and fine” deer hair, not body hair which will flair too much

Hook - dry fly 10-16
Thread – color to match body
Body -  dubbing
Hackle – color to match body
Wing – short and fine deer hair to match

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