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Killer Caddis

Posted on February 12 2018

maineflyshop killer caddis nymph fly made with green beads
  This month's fly is the Killer Caddis. This pattern was first introduced in Tying Glass Bead Flies, a book written by Joe Warren in 1997.  I have been using this pattern for a long time.  It is a must if fishing the Rapid or Magalloway in the month of June when lots of green caddis worms are crawling around on the bottom.  Twice while Sue has been at the store, a customer came in and bought every killer caddis in stock because he said, “they work, I don’t want to run out, and I don’t want anyone else to have them”. 

Hook     - heavy curved scud, #12 – 16
Thread  - both black and olive 8/0 to 16/0
body      - 4 green “killer caddis” beads, medium for size 12, small for 14 and 16
“tail”      - a small ball of olive dubbing, about the size of the beads to hold them in place
head      - Black Ice Dub

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  • LEE OLIVIER: November 18, 2018

    Great website and selection of gear and flys … well done!

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