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Emergent Mosquito

Posted on January 14 2020

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  This month's fly is the Emergent Mosquito. This pattern was created by Randall Kaufmann and is taught in his book the American Nymph Fly Tying Manual. I started using it many years ago and quickly found it's worth a space in my fly box. During the early summer when the Mosquitos are at their peak is when you want to be prepared to use this fly. The first time I tried it it was one of those times when the fish where sipping something off the surface. It was a warm morning with lots of black-flies and mosquito's in the air. I added it to the back of a Hornberg as a dropper and watched it bounce along the current. We were guiding a couple of fisherman on the Kennebago. I was with a sport at the head of a large pool while Lou was with the other in the tail. Every time my sport would hook a fish Lou would glance up at the fun we where having. After about the third jumping salmon he wandered up to asked what we where using. I think I gave him my last one and he wandered back to his fisherman with the new secret fly.

Hook - Mustad 3906b size 18-20
Thread - 16/0 black
Tail - two moose hair fibers
Body - stripped peacock herl
Thorax - un-stripped section of peacock herl
Wing - grizzly hackle tips

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  • Judy: January 23, 2020

    I would like to purchase two of these. And also some pink ones …and yellow.

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