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Free Shipping on orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
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Gunmetal Sparklewing RS2 - Fly of the Month

 This month’s fly is the Gunmetal Sparkle Wing RS2.  I found this pattern in the book Go-To Flies by Tony Lolli.  It was created by a Colorado guide named Chris Eisenhard.  This is another example of combining feeding triggers from other existing flies into a very effective creation. The standard RS2 pattern with the addition of a rib and sparkle over the wingcase. Since I discovered this pattern many years ago it has been a good producer when nothing else would work.

Hook     - 2x long nymph hook, size 18 – 20
Bead      - Gunmetal glass
Thread  - gray 16/0 to match body
Tail         - gray microfibblts
Rib          - extra small silver wire
Body and thorax – superfine gray or olive
Wing      - pearl Krystal flash
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