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Loopwing Caddis Emerger

Posted on August 07 2018

maineflyshop loopwing caddis emerger which can resemble a dun, cripple or emerger
  This months fly is the Loopwing Caddis Emerger.  This pattern has no history that I can find.  It was given  to me to copy by a customer who raved about its fish catching ability.  It is a fly that can look like a dun, emerger, or cripple on the water.  It can be hard to see in the film, so can be used as a dropper connected to a bigger fly.
Hook  - dry fly 14 - 18
Thread - tan
Tail (shuck) - tan sparkle yarn
Body & head - tan dubbing
Wing - tan sparkle yarn


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  • Michael James: August 30, 2021

    The loop wing (Iris) caddis is a blue Ribbon Flies pattern:

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