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Posted on July 05 2018

foamulator stonefly fishing fly with barred rubber legs
  This month’s fly is the foamulator.  The foamulator was created by Randall Kaufman of stimulator fame.  This is a very effective fly on our local rivers wherever stoneflies are present.  Its many pieces add many qualities to the fly: foam for great floatation, rubber legs for motion, flash,
and a wing for an authentic look.  Colors can be olive, black or gold.

Hook  - Mustad 94831 #6 – 10
Thread - red
tail - yellow deer hair
Back  - yellow foam
Abdomen - peacock ice dubbing
Thorax - red dubbing
Hackle - brown over abdomen and grizzly for thorax
Flash - pearl Krystal Flash
Underwing - yellow wing web
Overwing - yellow deer hair and white McFlylon
Hackle - brown over abdomen, grizzly over thorax
Legs - gold and black barred


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