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Parachute Royal Wulff - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

Parachute Royal Wulff



This month's fly is the parachute Royal Wulff. The Royal Wulff is one of the most popular flies of all time. It was created by Lee Wulff. I used this pattern frequently at one time and forgot it for awhile after I used up my supply. I thought about it this week when I was looking for an attractor fly to use on small brookies. Putting this pattern in the film as a parachute can really be a fish catcher during slow times on the river.

Hook - dry fly
Thread - black and 17/0 trico for the post
Tail - white calf tail
Body - peacock herl and red floss
Post - white mcflylon
Hackle - brown

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Glenn R Campbell - January 23, 2024

I’ve fished the Royal Wolff for over forty years with the Adams and Crackleback flies. All three work miracles on the water. However, the Royal Wolfe is very dear to this old fisherman. It ALWAYS seems to bring up the largest trout in any small stream or river as compared to the other two. However, the Adams and Crackleback catch their fair share of fish. I believe the peacock herl is the secret attraction of the Royal Wolff and easy to see on the water. It also imitates hornets, other bees, beetles, crickets, mayflies, and just looks beautiful, buggy, and delicious. It is the perfect dry searching pattern. May you have a peaceful, blessed day on the river with tight lines.

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