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Pseudo Minnow - Fly of the Month

Posted on April 07 2017

six baitfish imitation fishing flies tied with olive and white psuedo marabou
Not generally a fan of synthetics, Sue recently discovered “Pseudo Marabou” while trying to copy a fly for a customer and has enjoyed tying little baitfish flies with it.  We’ve used a 3906 #4 or 6 hook, but a streamer hook would work well, too.  It would just lesson the amount of wiggle in the water.  We’ve been adding the lateral line with “Ripple Ice Fiber”, but other kinds of flash could be used, too.  Simply tie a light shade of the material on the bottom/sides of the hook  (don’t even need to cover the hook shank, but you could).  Tie a darker shade on top.  Add the flashy lateral lines.  Add a cheek (mallard is good).  Tie off the head and you are done.  Adding eyes (jungle cock or painted) is optional, but may increase its attractiveness to fish.  This fly is NOT yet tested by us, but sure looks like it will be effective!


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