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Red Fox Squirrel Nypmh

Posted on September 10 2019

Red Fox Squirrel Nypmh - Rangeley Region Sports Shop


This month's fly is the Red Fox Squirrel nymph. This pattern was created by Dave Whitlock. I am mentioning it because it is a very good wet fly for September. What makes it good I am not completely sure of other than  the presence of the large October Caddis during the month of September. I often use it in tandem with other soft hackle flies like the Partridge and Orange or Hare's Ear.

Hook - 2x long heavy nymph
Thread - brown
Tail - hares mask or similar
Rib - gold wire
Body - Whitlock's abdomen dubbing
Thorax - Whitlock's Thorax dubbing
Hackle - Light brown hen feather


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