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Red Fox Squirrel Nypmh

Posted on September 10 2019

amaine fly shop red fox squirrel nymph


This month's fly is the Red Fox Squirrel nymph. This pattern was created by Dave Whitlock. I am mentioning it because it is a very good wet fly for September. What makes it good I am not completely sure of other than  the presence of the large October Caddis during the month of September. I often use it in tandem with other soft hackle flies like the Partridge and Orange or Hare's Ear.

Hook - 2x long heavy nymph
Thread - brown
Tail - hares mask or similar
Rib - gold wire
Body - Whitlock's abdomen dubbing
Thorax - Whitlock's Thorax dubbing
Hackle - Light brown hen feather


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