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Posted on September 04 2017

slumpbuster at a maine fly shop
This month’s fly is the Slumpbuster.  It was created by John Barr of “Copper John” fame.  It was created to look like a baitfish.  The use of pine squirrel strips gives it real life in the water and the shiny body gives it just enough glitter.  This is a great pattern to use in areas that have been heavily fished.  The pattern has surely lived up to its name for me.  It can be tied in olive, black, or natural.  The recipe for olive follows:

Hook     - Mustad 9674 # 4 – 10
thread   - 8/0 olive
cone      - gold
rib           - chartreuse copper wire
body      - peacock sparkle braid
wing/tail – olive pine squirrel
collar     - olive pine squirrel


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