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Sure Bet

Posted on December 01 2016

maineflyshop surebet fly created by Selene Dumaine
This month’s fly is the Sure Bet.  It was created by Selene Dumaine right here in Maine.  When asked by a local guide to make a fly that could be used on Northern Pike, she designed the Sure Bet to imitate yellow perch.  Since then, it has proven effective on any species you might be fishing for.
Hook     - Mustad 9674 #6
Cone      - large
thread  - white GSP 100
body      - chartreuse diamond braid
wing/tail – chartreuse barred orange zonker strip
head/collar – orange deer

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  • Joe Scanlon: January 25, 2017

    Two of the five largest brook trout I have ever caught came to hand from a surebet swung in a tailout of a Rangeley region river.
    I always have a few in one of my fly boxes.

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