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Family News

Family News

George Fletcher transitioned the shop to Gerry and Gertrude Richards beginning (I believe) in 1962.  In the front of each mail order catalog, the owners always included a bit of news from the shop and family. 

A heart tugging story from history gleaned from reading the old catalogs is this sequence:

In the 1966 catalog Gertrude wrote: “Gerry, who was such a vital, happy person, was suddenly taken from us one evening in the middle of July, just as we were getting ready to close the Shop.  He had never been ill a moment, so for him it was a wonderful way to go, but for the rest of us the shock and disbelief still exists.”

In 1967: After discussing who was still working at the shop, there was this note: “This year I have also added a consultant, Cal O’Brien, Boston sports writer, sports commentator and member of the Outdoor Writers of America.”

In 1968’s catalog, Gertrude writes: “As many of you know by now, I took my consultant’s advice and married him, so I am now ‘Mrs. Cal O’Brien.’”

Recently we were blessed by a visit from Cal O’Brien’s grandson, followed the next day by a visit from Greg Richards.  Greg kindly shared many of his mother's old catalogs with us.

Written 6/27/2021

Note: Gregory Richards died February 8, 2024. Our condolences to his wife & family.

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