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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
The Beginnings - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

The Beginnings

     Fly tying became a hobby for George Fletcher in 1934 and within four years he was selling to the trade.  In 1937 he gave up his career as Kingfield High School principal and took on other work as he developed a tackle supply business working out of his home. [Some resources state that he began his fly tying supply business in Kingfield in 1938.]  His wife, Claudia, helped in the work. He moved the business to Rangeley in May of 1945.  Fletcher’s Fly Shop was first housed next to the theater in the building that is currently Mo’s Variety.  George built the log sided building across from the entrance to the town park sometime in the fifties (we think). He supplied Carrie Stevens with all her supplies. It is said that he and Wendall Folkins, who bought Mrs. Stevens' business, watched her tie her last fly. 
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