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Fishing Report - June 15 2017

Posted on June 15 2017

Fishing Report - June 15 2017 - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

We finally got the heat we needed to move spring into summer. River temps have moved up into a more comfortable range for the fish and bug activity. The Magalloway is in the mid 50's the Kennebago at around 62 and other waters in between. There are plenty of Hendricksons around but I would expect that they will decrease in the next week. Caddis are starting to show up in greater numbers. Flows are at great levels for the fisherman. I am hoping that the predicted rain for tomorrow will be enough to bring some salmon up the Kennebago.  Small ponds have turned on with the warmer water. Drake hatches on the warmer ponds could start in the next week. Stoneflies will start hatching in the next ten days so be sure to have the big nymphs at the end of your line with a caddis larva as a dropper. I witnessed my first Crane fly hatch yesterday as I sat on the banks of the Kennebago. I didn't even know that they lived in our waters.  Most fisherman agree that the black flies and mosquitoes are the worst in years so be sure to bring long sleeves and good bug dope.



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