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Fishing Report - June 29 2017

The end of June finds us with plenty of water and seasonably cool weather. Most free flowing waters are high but fishable. Fishing is good over all. Water temps are in the low 60's but the Magalloway is a cold 54 degrees. The Kennebago has a good crop of Salmon and should set it up for a good summer of fishing. The Magalloway has lots of new fish  since the high water flows of last week end. May flies are gone. Caddis and Stoneflies are the bugs that are here for the summer. Caddis are many different sizes and colors. There have been some good hatches when the weather was right but you should be ready to fish with nymphs. With more rain in the forecast water levels will be very unpredictable so be ready to move around and try new places and learn how to fish the high water. The biting bugs are still around so be prepared.
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