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brook trout in the fallwhile maine fly fishing

Fishing Report - September 14 2017

This week's weather is very different from last week's. Daytime highs have been in the 70's but night time still at 50 degrees or less. The Kennebago was 62 this morning with good flow. Most rivers are dropping back to low levels. We might experience a warm up in water temps above what is favorable but it should not take much to get them down once cooler weather returns. The Magalloway has higher flows for the near future while the Rapid is at very good fishing levels. The fish that are in the rivers are going to get harder to catch until the next surge of spawners show up. You will have to try all the tricks and move around to find willing players.  A good thing about the warmer temps is it could bring out some bugs and bring fish up to feed on them. The October Caddis is an interesting bug that is around during the last weeks of September. They only hatch at night but the pupa are around in the evening hours. I do not know much about this caddis but plan on learning more about it in the next couple of weeks. A couple days ago, just at dark, I caught many fish using a Partridge and orange wet fly and wonder if it could have had something to do with this little known orange caddis.

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The above pic is a Kennebago brookie caught on a # 18 Brassie, a very good fall nymph. Notice the hook jaw and humped up back.

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