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Fishing Report - September 7 2017

Posted on September 07 2017

steep bank pool on the kennebago river from a maine fly shop

It looks like we are in for a great fall fishing season. The rivers have come up with the rains of the last couple of days and water temps are as much as 10 degrees colder than last year at this time. The spawning fish are everywhere that they should be for end of the season fishing. We have had success the last couple of days swinging wet flies and nymphs. Some of my most productive fall flies are Brassie, soft hackle Hare's Ear and the Gray Hackle wet fly. Woolly Buggers and Leeches work well for fishing on the bottom. Here are somethings to think about as you hit the water in the days ahead. Don't crowd other fisherman, give others room to enjoy fishing in peace. Read the regulations, if there is an S-7 listed for that water you must put the fish back. Play fish quickly so you don't stress them out. I read recently that up to 65 % of the male brookies will die after spawning due to exhaustion.

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