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Fishing Report – July 17, 2013

July 17, 2013

It is very hot here in Rangeley. It looks like we have the summer heat building up, leading to water temps that are hard to catch fish in. But so goes the saying, that’s why they call it fishing and not catching. During these hot spells you can explore new places either on foot or in your canoe. Head for the headwaters or check out the smaller streams where the water is cooler and more shaded. Use the early and late part of each day when it is cooler and lower light. Most rivers and ponds have springs in them,find these springs and you will find the fish. The Magalloway is a bottom feed release and the water stays cold all summer. The main insects during the summer on the Mag are stoneflies, small tan caddis, blue wing olives and small black caddis. Small nymphs are the rule during the summer, zebra midges, Barr emerger,wd-40′s. The Kennebago has a good amount of fish in it but they are hanging out on the bottom of the pools and in the spring holes. Small ponds can be good, early and late in the day with emergers and dark caddis. Most important of all, get out and enjoy the out of doors during these short summer months. If you need any help feel free to give a call.

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