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Fishing Report – July 23, 2013

July 23, 2013

The weather is the big change from last week. Gone is the hot weather and warm water. The Magalloway water temps are between 55 and 62 degrees and the Kennebago was at 66 degrees this morning. Looking ahead, they are calling for night time temps in the 40′s this week so water temps should stay good. On the Mag. you should be thinking small tan caddis and blue winged olives. A # 18 flash back hares ear or # 18-20 Barrs emerger. Red zebra midge in # 18-20 has worked well lately. The Kennebago could wake up with water temps in the 60′s. Good flies to try would be, hornbergs, adams, midges, white streamers. The hex’s have been hatching on Kennebago Lake and other area lakes and ponds. This is the largest of our mayflies and can offer some great fishing. Last week I had reports from many fisherman about successful outings to small streams. These small streams have an abundance of fish in the 5-8″ range that will jump all over a small dry or bead head nymph. Trout show up in places you wouldn’t expect them to be and it can be a lot of fun on a hot day to be along a cool and shady stream. Be sure to take advantage of the cooler weather when we have it.

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