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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Fishing Report – July 29 2013

July 29, 2013

Good morning from Rangeley. It’s pretty quiet here in the mountains with normal summer weather. There are still a good amount of fishermen around looking to catch our famous brook trout and salmon. The river temps are all in the high 60′s and near 70,this is not as bad as they could be. Cool nights are what we want to see and if you get a cool overcast morning you should be on your favorite river. The Magalloway has water temps remaining in the 56-62 degree range,making it a good place to try when you are in the area. Explore the headwaters and remote places to find the cooler water. Sue and I went into the backcountry the other morning to a remote river and found the water temp at 54 degrees and air temp a good 6 to 10 degree cooler than at home. The trout were active and hard fighting and it was a great morning on the water. Caddis, stonefly and midges are the insects to be looking for, but terrestrials and grasshoppers could be important. The hexs have been consistant on Kennebago Lake and other ponds and lakes. The zebra midge nymph has been the top fish getter for me and my sports in the last week on the Mag. Big ugly stoneflies are a great way to raise the big ones in the low light of the morning and evening. Till next week, enjoy the the summer weather.
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