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Fishing Report – September 4, 2014

The typical dog days weather has left the rivers very low. While the levels are less than favorable, the temps are not too bad. The Kennebago was at 59 degrees this morning at Steep Bank and there were some good fish breaking the surface. On these warm days there can be a 5 or 6 degree swing in temps during the day so it is best to get out at first light and use the best part of the day. With any rise in water levels the trout will move up into the rivers now. Best flies for this time of year are hard to tell, you really need to be ready for anything from streamers to midges. Streamers and attractors work well when the fish are fresh up from the lakes but the fish get more selective the longer they are in the river. Small dries like Adams, midges and soft hackles work best. Leeches work well in the fall also. The Rapid should start fishing better as temps cool, mostly nymphs and big streamers. The bigger trout will move back up the river when temps get into the 50′s. The middle Magalloway is very low and not worth the trip yet, but keep an eye on the weather, all it needs is some rain to get things going. The lower Mag. is still fishing well as more fish have moved up with the recent rafting releases. Ponds will start fishing well as water temps fall. Fishing at the mouths of brooks that run into a pond are a good idea after a rain event. Fall is streamer time here in the Rangeley area so make sure you have the fly box stocked well, as they tend to get hung up on bottom a lot or maybe broken off by a giant salmon. You can visit our website for suggested flies to use at Go to the guiding page then the river of choice to see the fly lists.
Till next week
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