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Fishing Report – Sept. 11 2014

We received .25 to .50 inches of rain today in the Rangeley area. It was welcomed but will not do much to raise the water levels. I was on the Rapid yesterday, the water temp was 66 degrees with good flow. We caught many salmon but the trout were scarce with such warm temps. There are still some tan caddis around but all the fish were caught on simple nymphs like prince and pheasant tail. The Magalloway is producing fish still but the water temps are in the high 60′s. They started releasing water on the Kennebago on Wednesday so that should draw some fish up the river over the next couple of days. Fresh fish will take flies like black ghost and other white marabou streamers when they first run up the river. Putting a beadhead dropper behind the streamer is a good way to go. The Mag. at #10 bridge is very low and warm so it will be awhile till you see fresh fish there. I was at a small pond today and we did well using small soft hackles retrieved right under the surface. You should think emergers and midges after the fish settle into the rivers for awhile. It should be a great fall fishing season so get out and enjoy it.


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