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Fishing Report – Sept. 19 2014

Cool and fall like in the mountains today. Rivers and ponds are cooling quickly and at very good temps for fishing. Water levels remain very low and this is keeping fish from moving to much. Where there are fish already there is an opportunity to have some fun if you have patience. The last two days have been very slow most places, probably due to the cold front that came through. I went to the Rapid today with a sport and he did well on salmon. The water temp on the Rapid was 59 degrees, we caught all the fish on nymphs, prince, pheasant tail, large olive a.p. emerger. There were a good amount of Caddis and B.W.O.’s in the air and some fish were feeding on the surface. Yesterday the Kennebago was 56 perfect degrees with low but alright flow levels. There are many trout and salmon at Steep Bank pool. It has been heavily fished in the last week with some good success and many fisherman left shaking their heads in frustration. I don’t have all the answers to catching these fall spawning fish but here are a few things I do know. Midges and small flies are very important, most flies are taken subsurface, fly movement is important, don’t be afraid to try new things. Not much news from the Magalloway but it should be getting good as the water temps continue to cool and new fish come up the river. There is a lot of what we would call ” small water” in the area like pond inlets and the mouth of streams where they run into lakes. This is a good time to explore these places and maybe discover a new “secret place”.
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