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Free Shipping on most orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE

Fishing Report April 28 2016

It has been a cold and windy week here in Rangeley. With the weather the way it has been there has not been much change in the fishing or water temps. The good news is that the lakes are full and more flow is being put down the rivers. This increase in flow should bring more fish up so we have more room to fish in. All the area rivers have water temps at around 40 degrees and this temp needs to move into the mid to high 40's to get the fish more active. Smelt have stopped running in the Rangeley area but have not begun to my knowledge on the Aziscohos Lake brooks.  I haven't heard of any activity at # 10 bridge and with the lake being so high it has backed the river up into the bushes. There has not been any sign of sucker yet and probably won't be for a couple of weeks. If you are nymphing you should be using green caddis and small mayfly imitations. The Pat's rubber leg with a green caddis larva or green zebra midge have caught fish for me this week.  


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