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Fishing Report May 5 2016

Posted on May 05 2016

Change is coming very slowly this week. All the rivers are stuck at 42-43 degrees and at low flows. The lakes are all full, tomorrow the Rapid is scheduled to be at 1200 cfs while the Mag is at 345. The Magalloway is fishing good and some suckers have been seen swimming around. I have yet to here of any activity at # 10 bridge. I expect that things could change quickly if we get some sun and warmer temps. The same flies are working for me as last week. The Pats Rubberleg with a Green Caddis larva. also a big Prince and Pheasant tail would be top choices. Let me tell you a story of what happened to me this evening while I was out checking on the rivers. I had checked one spot with no success so moved on to another river. When I got to the run I was going to try I rigged up some nymphs and was about to cast when I noticed a small rise down stream. Thinking it to be maybe a small chub I kept casting the nymphs. A couple more slurps caught my ear so I payed attention. There were big Blue Winged Olives all over the water. It was then I realized that I was not prepared as I had no dries with me. I look down at my fly patch on my vest and noticed I had one beat up Parachute B.W.O. left from a trip to the Delaware a couple of weeks earlier.  I put on some 6x tippet and shook my head at the situation I was in. The first cast was into a fish the second the fly hit the water. Two more nice Trout and in 10 minutes it was all over. This is what it will be like in the coming weeks so be prepared and  have high hopes.



  • brett: May 10, 2016

    The road is open and being used.

  • Pat: May 10, 2016

    Thanks for the report. Hopefully the fishing starts to heat up with improving weather. What is the condition of the logging access road to the Rapid River off of East B Hill Road?

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