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Fishing Report  May 12 2016

Fishing Report May 12 2016

With the warmer temps of this week things should start changing on the fishing scene. Water temps should reach into mid to high 40's and bugs will start to show up. One local river has had Hendricksons on it since Sunday. Suckers will get busy laying eggs any day now on the rivers where they usually do. I fished both the Rapid and Magalloway with sports this week and we saw some nice Brookies . On both rivers most fish were caught on the Pats Rubberleg and various Green Caddis larva patterns. River flows are at good levels and this should help keep the flow of new fish coming up. Dealing with changing water levels is part of life for those that spend much time on the river. To find consistent success you  need to learn what parts do best at certain flows. Many people coming thru the store this week are heading for the small ponds in the area. The more sun we get the better the pond fishing will get. Sinking lines and patience are important for the spring time stillwater fisherman. Bait fish and Crayfish imitations are important flies to use. Saw the first Blackflies today.



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Brett - May 19, 2016

They are both fishing good though slower than ice out.

jesse crosby - May 18, 2016

how is rangeley and moosluc fishing ?

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