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Fishing Report  June 2, 2016 - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

Fishing Report June 2, 2016

It remains dry here in the mountains. The dam controlled rivers have good flow levels but could stand to have more water for the sake of the fish. The free flowing rivers are low and warming up to summer time temps. The Mag was at 50 degrees today while the Kennebago was 66 degrees. Rain is very needed to cool thing down and bring fresh fish into the rivers. There are abundant bugs hatching everywhere. Hendricksons  and green caddis are the most abundant. The mayflies will begin to wane in the coming week I think.  Fishing has been up and down at Upper dam. In a talk with the engineer working there, the work should be completed on schedule by Oct. 1. The sucker business is all done for the season. If we get the expected rain over the week end, I would suspect that places like # 10 bridge and Steep bank will become active with new arrivals.


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