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Fishing Report  June 9 2016

Fishing Report June 9 2016

May has returned today. A high of 47 degrees, grey skies and gusty winds. Today was not dry fly weather on the area waters. However, this cool weather will really help to lower the water temps. The Magalloway was at 50 or so today and the Kennebago was at 54 degrees at Steepbank pool. No Salmon up the Kennebago yet as far as I know but the fisherman should keep checking it out as it can happen any day. The flows on the dammed rivers is being kept low. This can be good fishing but also keep new fish from moving up. The Mag. at # 10 bridge isn't happening till we get some rise in water levels. Lots of Hendricksons still on the water with more Caddis showing up all the time. We get good reports from Upper dam every day with best results being on overcast days. Looking ahead, I would expect the fisherman will be in good shape as the weather remains on the cool side.


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