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Fishing Report  August 19 2016

Fishing Report August 19 2016

Good news, 3.5 inches of rain this week. Most of the water is at a good level that you would see in June. How long it will stay there I do not know. I don't know if this will bring fish up the Kennebago or not but my guess is not. The temps in most rivers is in the 64 to 68 degree range but cool nights should help to keep them from getting much higher. The Magalloway has been slow and warm in the 66-69 degree range. They will be running recreational flows this week end and this should bring a new batch of fish up the river.  The biggest fish my sports have caught this week have been bass which put up a good fight. It appears that the weather has taken a turn for the better.  Can September be far away?


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Lin Higgins - August 21, 2016

Thanks for keeping us posted. I appreciate it!

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