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Fishing Report July 15 2016

The dog days are here. August weather in July. We have received an inch of rain in the last week but it has not had any effect on the rivers. Temps in the first part of the week were good but have rebounded after the latest heat. A big change is the flows in the dam controlled rivers. The Rapid is running recreational flows this week end of 1800 cfs. The Magalloway is at 650 cfs. This is good for the Mag. as it spreads the fish out. Stoneflies are still fishing good on the Mag. both on top and as a nymph. A great combo in the coming week would be a Pat's rubberleg with a tan caddis dropper. The freestone rivers are very low and warm but the headwaters still have small trout to have fun with. The Kennebago is a wash until September I am afraid to say. Drakes continue to hatch on the area ponds that have them. I think the pond fishing might be the thing to do if you want the most action and the great peace and quite that it offers.


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