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Fishing Report July 21 2016

Posted on July 21 2016

Fishing Report  July 21 2016 - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

Summer rolls on this week. We did receive 1/2 inch of rain on Sunday which brought up the streams for a day. If you can fish the small water after a rain storm you could have some fun. Water temps in some of the headwaters I visited yesterday were in the low 50's. The Magalloway is fishing well with water temps at 58-64 degrees. Stoneflies and caddis remain the bugs of interest. Tan caddis larva are everywhere on the bottom debris. Also some pale green worms all in size 14 - 18. The Rapid is warming up but still productive in the morning and evening but be prepared to catch some bass. There will be a high water release this week end on the Rapid. Drakes are quite for the moment. This is a great time to do some exploring in the back country. There is lots to look at when the fishing is slow. The wild flowers are everywhere, vegetation is green and lush. Deer,Moose, Turkeys and Grouse are common sightings as you drive the backroads.



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