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Fishing Report  September 9 2016

Fishing Report September 9 2016

The weather continues back and forth from warm to cool. Today we are in the dog days again and hoping for another shot of rain. The Magalloway is warm but at a good flow with an increase in Salmon in the last few days. The Rapid is also is at an increased flow and fisherman are having success from all reports. The Kennebago is yet to see any Brook Trout up to Steepbank pool as of this morning and the morning water temp was 67 degrees. An old area guide used to say that there would be fish up to Steepbank by Sept. 9th. I would expect that the next release from the Kennebago dam will bring fish up quickly. By this time next week the river should have some trout in it. The only bugs around this time of month are B.W.O.'s and Midges if you want to play that game. Streamers in dark colors work well this time of year. The most important thing you can do to catch fish in the fall is be ready to try anything and pay attention to what is going on around you. 


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John Pollock - September 9, 2016

The Magalloway is still running very warm, I have heard reports and have seen first hand- trout and salmon bleeding from the gills after being played. Let’s do all we can to take care of this resource. Cheers,

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