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native brook trout from a river in rangeley area of maine

Fishing Report - August 10 2018

The hot spell has finally broken here in the mountains. We received another 8 tenths of in inch of rain yesterday and flow levels are perfect. On the Magalloway not much has changed there are plenty of fish around though they are sometimes hard to catch . Water temps on the Mag are in the 60-67 degree range. Small nymphs and Caddis or Klinkhamer dries are what you want for the Mag. Both the Kennebago and Rapid are in the low seventies. Not much happening on the surface on the lakes and ponds but some success can be had going subsurface. The best way to have a good time this time of the summer is to fish small water for small brookies. The water in these places is cold and in the shade. You should be careful when exploring and fishing the more remote places. Let someone know where you are going and maybe take someone with you if you don't mind company. Most of these small waters can be tricky walking and wading so watch your step. The colorful brookie in the above photo is an example of the treasures you will find in these small places.


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