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Fishing Report - August 2 2018

Posted on August 02 2018

maine fly fishing on the little magalloway river in western maine

Warm days and nights have kept the water temps in the lakes and big rivers at or above 70 degrees.  The headwaters and streams are still in the low 60's. Flow in most places is at June levels. We received another inch of rain over the weekend. The Magalloway is in the 60-66 degree range and is fishing well. Bright sunshine is our enemy during the daytime hours. Early and late are a must for a chance at success. Flies to use, WD 50 and WD 40, Barr emerger and small pheasant tails. On the top try different caddis and BWO's in the 14-20 range. The flow at the Mag all week has been 600 cfs during the day. There is rafting water on the Rapid this weekend. On the small ponds look for rising fish to reveal a possible spring hole and find where brooks bring colder water into the pond.


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  • John canedy: August 09, 2018

    Where was this picture take. Looks like a great spot

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