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Free Shipping on orders over $45.............. WELCOME TO OUR NEW WEBSITE
quite morning in rangeley maine

Fishing Report - August 23 2018

The catching continues to be slow here in the Rangeley area but the anticipation is high. We have received around 2 new inches of rain since my last report and flow levels are great. Water temps are also creeping down as we are having cool nights in the 50 degree range. The first trout start to move up the rivers around the first of Sept. If the water temps are low and flow is good. Although some Salmon come up with the Trout, most wait till the the middle to end of the month. The Magalloway continues to be hard catching even though the fish are there. The Rapid could start picking up as the water temps drop. Midges, leeches and woolly buggers are a must for Sept. fishing. Soft hackle wet flies are also very effective. Fluorocarbon tippet also helps if you are fishing subsurface.


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