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salmon pool on the kennebago river from the maine fly shop

Fishing Report - July 12 2018

It was a pleasant day outdoors today. Cloudy and cool good for the fish and the fisherman. As of yesterday the Kennebago and upper Magalloway were still dirty from last week's flood. This dirty water most likely kept any fresh salmon from moving up the Kennebago. The Cupsuptic River is running clear and temps are in the high 50's.The lower Mag. is at 58-68 degrees depending on how far down the river you are,Stoneflies have been very active this past week but I didn't see as many today. Stoneslies and caddis are the flies to use. The Alder flies at the Rapid should be coming to an end soon but offered some good dry fly action for my sports this past week.  All things considered, it's a still a good time to go fishing. Lakes and rivers have good water levels, temps are alright and its not snowing. But be ready for mosquitos and deer flies.


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