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magalloway river landlocked salmon from the maine fly shopp

Fishing Report July 19 2018

The Kennebago river finally cleared up the first of this week after the recent floods. Water levels are getting lower but are not bad as we had over an inch of rain since Sunday. The Magalloway and Rapid are at good flows but the Rapid is warming into the low 70's. The Rapid will still produce some salmon for those wanting to make the walk especially if the day is cool or overcast. The Mag. is at 58-66 degrees and is best fished early or late in the day for those who have that option. The alder flies were still around on the Rapid on Wednesday but won't be for long. Stones and Caddis are the mainstay as we head into the middle of summer. Tan caddis nymph and emergers are good behind a small flashback pheasant tail. I saw some grasshoppers today.


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