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high water in the rangeley region

Fishing Report - July 5 2018

It has been an interesting week here in the Rangeley area. The air temps have been in the 80's to 90 degrees and we had flash floods in the backcountry. All the freestone rivers are currently high and dirty. The Magalloway and Rapid are at good fishing flows. The alder flies are at the Rapid and Stoneflies are abundant at both rivers. Water temps are in the low 70's except for the Mag. which is in the low 60's. Using stonefly dries is how we caught fish on the Mag. today- foamulators and stimulators. When the river levels drop things should return to normal. The higher up the watershed you go the sooner you will find places to fish.  The high water will wash lots of worms and other food into the rivers so the fish will have plenty of natural food to eat. It will be very interesting to see how the catching is when the water settles down.


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