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small pond in the woods near kennebago mountain

Fishing Report - June 21 2018

Greetings from Rangeley this first day of summer. Sue and I are going to fish till dark this evening in celebration. She told me I had to do this report first. We had an inch or more of rain this week and it has raised our water levels. All the freestones had high water that is now receding. The Magalloway at # 10 bridge was rolling and high yesterday morning. The Cupsuptic was at a good spring time level and the Kennebago was up to where it should be for this time of year. The Kennebago at  Steepbank Pool came up 4 or 5 inches. I am not sure if that was enough to move lots of Salmon but I did catch one there last night. Water temps are in the mid sixties most places. Hendricksons are mostly gone and drakes should start showing up on the lakes within the next week. Stoneflies will be coming out also by the end of next week. Caddis are the most abundant bug out there now. That's it for now.


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