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Fishing Report - Sept. 7 2018

Posted on September 07 2018

native brook trout from a small stream in rangeley maine

Sorry for the late report. The weather is changing here along with the leaves on the Maple trees. With cooler temps and some predicted rain the first of next week fishing should begin to improve. The Kennebago was 60 degrees this morning but the Magalloway is still in the high 60's. I have heard some good reports from the Mag. this week. As new fish move into the Mag. that have not seen flies all summer you can try using bigger more typical nymphs. This is true for any river that has " new " fish in it. New fish will often take streamers readily for the first week in the river before they turn picky.  The Rangeley river has a good flow right now and could  have fish coming into it as the water temps drop. I had feared that the July flash floods would leave us with no bugs for the fish this month but I have seen lots of midges and other insects flying around this week. Get ready September fishing is about to begin.




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