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Fishing Report - July 11 2019 - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

Fishing Report - July 11 2019


  We are settled into summer here in Rangeley. Lakes are still high leading to good flows of water in the tail waters. Lack of rain has led to lowering flows in the freestones. The Magalloway today was 60 degrees and 650 cfs. There are plenty of caddis around and a growing amount of stoneflies in the air. In the weeks to come fishing big ugly dries will be the fun way to fish. The Rapid yesterday was 68-70 degrees and 400 cfs but now is back up to 1500 cfs. The Alder fly hatch was in full swing and there were lots of stoneflies around. 1500 cfs in not the best flow for fishing but I would still suggest you take the trip just to see the prolific alder fly hatch. Drakes are hatching on and off depending on the weather. Humid warm weather is when the drake hatch peaks but slows after a cold front and weather change. After a rain storm is the time to search for those small native brookies in the smaller water. Have a good week.


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Sonny Pierce - July 18, 2019

Thanks Brett.
Seen a lot of Drakes this week.

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