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Fishing Report - August 22 2019 - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

Fishing Report - August 22 2019


Summer continues to roll along here in the mountains. Weather is normal we had 1/2 inch of rain yesterday and another 1/2 inch earlier in the week. The Magalloway has warmed up a bit in the 65-67 degree range. There are a good amount of fish there to catch if you stick to it. I tried dries yesterday with little action but caught fish when I changed to nymphs. There will be rafting there again this week end from 9 - 3 pm. I was canoeing on a lake yesterday and the water temp was 69 degrees but when we moved into the stream that fed the lake the temp dropped to 61 and we caught plenty of small trout. My favorite fly to use as a search pattern during the summer is a small hornberg or a rusty klinkhamer. The dry and dropper rig works well in shallow pocket water. Just hang a small bead head nymph below a well floating dry. There are still hex mayflies hatching sporadically on the area lakes and ponds.  Hope you can get out and enjoy this nice summer weather. The mosquitos are still around and the blueberries are abundant.


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