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Fishing Report - August 29 2019

Posted on August 29 2019

Fishing Report - August 29 2019 - Rangeley Region Sports Shop

We received 6/10 inch of rain on Wednesday night. While it was good for the ground and gardens it had no effect on the river levels. Cool nights have cooled the water temps for morning fishing. The importance of fishing in the morning part of the day was made evident to me today. This afternoon I  visited some places that I usually would fish in the morning. The water temps were 10 degrees warmer than I would have found  in the earlier part of the day. When the sun is bright and water low the water temps can experience great shifts during the course of the day. The Magalloway is in the 64-66 degree range. The fishing is O.K. with some fisherman doing better then others. Small nymphs like Barr emerger and tan caddis work well. Some fisherman have had success with spinners in the evening part of the day. Rusty and tan in the smaller sizes. The Kennebago River could have brookies in it with the next rise in water flow. Try to get out and enjoy the outdoors this week end. Even if the fishing is slow the scenery is always great. This week, in one of my favorite summer fishing spots, there were bear tracks left from the previous night you can see the photo on Instagram. Just one of the unexpected surprises you find when in the wild.




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