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Fishing Report - September 5 2019

Posted on September 05 2019

Fishing Report - September 5 2019 - Rangeley Region Sports Shop


There have been some positive changes in the fishing conditions this week. We have had two rain events that have helped us with the river levels. The Kennebago is up in it's entirety. Water temps are in the 57-60 degree range. There should be fish up to Steep Bank Pool any day now. I fished around it this morning but didn't see any fish. With the forecast on the cool side water temps everywhere should continue to drop into the mid 50's. Trout spawn at 48-50 and they will move when those temps are reached. Salmon usually move up rivers later than trout though some will come earlier. Last year the salmon were at Steep Bank on Sept. 15th. Not much has changed at the Magalloway and the flow remains at a fishable 360 cfs. The Rapid should start fishing better as water cools and fish move from the cold lake water back into the rivers. As caddis hatches start to end the only bugs around will be those small midges. Fish will take a wide variety of flies this time of year so you want to be prepared for anything. You can always call the shop for updates.



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  • Philip Jellen: September 12, 2019

    Any news on how the Magolloway and little Magolloway are fishing above Aziscohos?

    Any news from the Rapid?

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