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Fishing Report - July 25 2019

Fishing Report - July 25 2019


The end of July is what it usually should be, warm and dry. The tailwaters are running at low flows as the lake levels have normalized. The freestone waters are on the low side but can improve with any rain we get. There are still plenty of small tan caddis around and a good supply of stone flies on the Magalloway. The Magalloway water temps are in the 62-65 degree range. It is the time of the summer to fish big ugly flies in the pocket water and around boulders on the Mag. Maybe add a small bead head nymph as a dropper. This technique will also work on small fish with a smaller dry fly. Grasshoppers will start to show up on the banks of the rivers. Nymphs on the Mag should be small like WD -50, Barr emerger and Rainbow warrior. My favorite big uglies are the Foamulator and Turck's tarantula.


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